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What to Do in a Water Damage or Flood Emergency?

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What to Do in a Water damage Emergency

Below you will find a helpful checklist of what to do in the event of water damage occurring.

1.    What to do first;

  • Call a professional immediately, they will be able to safely remove all the water and prevent secondary damages such as mold.

2. Take Precautions;

  • Turn off all electricity to the room which have water damage or has been flooded.
  • Contain the damage, try and block off the rooms that water has been able to enter
  • If you must enter the room, make sure you use safety equipment. Use gloves, rubber boots, and eye protection.
  • Shut off the main water to the house.
  • Disable any battery powered devices.
  • Look for signs of structural damage.
  • Keep mouth and eyes clear of the water.
  • Watch for hidden debris such as broken glass.

3. Take an Inventory of the damage;

  • Walk around the perimeter of the property taking notes and pictures on what is damaged.
  • Inspect damaged areas for potential structural weakness.
  • Wait for a professional to certify the structure before going inside.

4. Secure the property;

Contain the water damage and block of any contaminated rooms. Make sure the water isn’t affecting any other rooms if it can be blocked.

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