Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold can be a hazardous material, if not contained and properly treated. It has many health effects associated with it and is known to cause unexplained coughing and sickness. This is why it is vital to call a professional to remove and remediate mold issues. With the proper certifications and education, professionals, understand the harsh reactions of mold and how to remove it safely. Canada’s Restoration Services has IICRC trained technicians who remove and remediate mold on a daily basis in residential and commercial buildings.

Mold growth can occur on any organic substance outside or inside houses. Mould is always around in the air in the form of microscopic spores, which under favourable conditions, can adhere to surfaces and form colonies. Conditions that support mold growth are moisture, moderate temperatures, and inadequate airflow. That’s why mold is often seen in our showers, damp basements, humid attics, crawl spaces and cold rooms. Mould can also be in hidden spots under sinks, behind appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, in carpets, and even inside the walls, if moisture or leaks found their way inside there.

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Mold problems need to be eliminated as quickly as possible! Mould growth will continue, and moisture from the surrounding air will maintain its growth. The tricky thing about mold removal is that in most cases it is not a ‘Do-it-yourself’ type of project, especially when it is found in porous materials like drywall or wood. A simple wipe-down with anti-microbial products will not get rid of the problem; more advanced measures and technologies are required in those cases.

With the use of proper equipment such as media blasting, air scrubbers, negative air machines, we are able to ensure that there is no presence of mold once our job is completed. It is important to set up all of the proper procedures, such as full containment, to remediate mold. This allows us to eliminate cross contamination and contain mold in one room before removing and remediating. The extent of containment will differ based on the amount of mold.

Our mold removal technicians wear full Personnel Protection Equipment (P.P.E.) which is comprised of entire face/respiratory protection, as well as full protective suits, gloves and shoe covers.

Our Mold process includes:
1. A free of charge visual analysis to spot and verify noticeable mold, upon your request.
2. Third Party testing: this helps us measure the Air Quality present & assess the scope of services.
3. Outline the amount of work and present it to you.
4. Begin work with full containment of the contaminated areas that are under negative pressure. (This is achieved using negative air machines and will avoid cross contamination.)
5. Decontamination of mold and removal of mould spores using the highest quality eco-friendly products.
6. Approval by a third party company to confirm that spores count is low in accordance to governing standard, and services have been thoroughly performed.
7. Mould damage repair with our reconstruction department.
Canada’s Restoration Services guarantees safety and accuracy of the mold removal project. All operations are performed according to the industry’s safety guidelines and technical regulations.