Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Services

Canada’s Restoration Services provides free inspection, asbestos removal and vermiculite removal in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary and Surrounding cities.

Asbestos removal is a very complex and an comprehensive job that must be executed correctly by a certified Company. When dealing with the removal of asbestos material, the utmost caution must be used to protect technicians from inhaling any asbestos fibers, as well as in making sure that there is no cross contamination exposing the occupants of the home or building to the Fibers. Only certified professionals trained in the proper removal of Asbestos should attempt to remove it.

Canada’s Restoration Services is a Certified and Insured in Asbestos inspections, removal and testing. If you are not certain and think that there may be products in your building or home that contain asbestos (Specifically for properties built before 1987) and you live in Toronto, Montreal, Laval, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas, have a Canada’s Restoration Services’s Certified Inspector assess your home or building without delay.

If you have found asbestos call 1-888-527-4036 for a free inspection.

To ensure that the asbestos is removed safely and properly Canada’s Restoration Services Certified and Trained Technicians wear full Personal Protective Equipment such as a full protective suits, a face respirator, particulate counters, boot or shoe covering, gloves and hard hats. They first spray the asbestos with a binding substance so that it remains wet while it is being removed, so the fibers aren’t released into the surrounding air. The asbestos is then taken out, put into 6mm poly-bags and safely sealed. Throughout the entire process, there are air scrubbing machines running using highly effective HEPA filtration systems.

Asbestos was highly used in buildings and schools between the 1920’s and the 1990’s for insulation in attics, around pipes, behind walls, in ducts/HVAC systems, in ceiling tiles and in basements.

Asbestos is mostly found in building materials that were made before 1987. Today, it is not generally used in Canada being that prolonged exposure  has shown to be a health hazard. If the asbestos fibers are airborne, anyone breathing the air in that area are at risk of asbestos exposure, which has been associated to Asbestosis, mesothelioma, cancer, and lung scaring.

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