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Mold Caused from Water Damages

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Water damages can happen for many reasons and can vary in damage size. Some water damages can be a build up for a leaky pipe for a severe damage from a burst pipe. Regardless of the size of water damages, a concern that many people do not consider is the chance of mold growth.

When faced with a water damage, the home owner or contractor that is not mold certified, will try to dry out the area as quick as possible and remove the water. However, that may not consider that once water has touched any organic material, and if not treated properly, mold will grow.

Homes in North America are built nearly entirely of organic material. With any minor crack or break, improper maintenance, mold can grow if water/moisture enters.  Materials that cannot be visibly seen without removing walls or floors can still be impacted. Water is able to penetrate deep into a home in little time which is why its important to call a professional to remove the water as soon as possible.

The most important step is drying all the wet material as quickly as possible and reducing the time the material is exposed to moisture. If the material has been exposed to high levels of moisture for an extended period of time, it is vital that it is cleaned with an anti-microbial agent or disinfectant. It is important to get the item tested for mold by a professional, even if the material was dried within 48 hours.

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