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Window Air Conditioners & Mold Problems

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During the summer time many home owners and apartment renters are faced with the choice of whether to go with a window air conditioner or a portable one. The most popular choice for many reasons is the window air conditioner. But did you know that because of the condensed water, the air conditioners run the risk of forming mold? There are many restoration companies who will help you in this situation by completely eradicating the threat of mold or mildew; however you can also attempt it yourself.


Here’s a quick guide to getting rid of mold from window air conditioners:

Tools Required:

Vacuum, cloths, screwdriver, new air filter, long skinny brush, simple container, oil can, air conditioner cleaner spray

11 Step Method:

  1. Replace disposable filters with new one or if the filter is reusable, soak for 20 minutes in detergent and then dry.
  2. Remove grill from the air conditioner by pulling it out of place. Depending on your model, you may have to remove a few screws to get the grill loosened. Be sure to place any screws you use in the container for easy access when you’re putting the unit back together.
  3. Take off the metal cover which will allow you to see the inner part of the air conditioner.
  4. Make sure there are no oil plugs or holes.
  5. Add 1 to 2 drops of oil (general purpose) to each side of the motors body.
  6. Using your long skinny brush, skim off any dust or dirt from the fins in an up and downward motion. Be careful not to damage.
  7. Spray your air conditioner spray (found at hardware stores) on the unit and let stand for 20 minutes.
  8. Pour warm water onto fins to remove any excess dirt but do not let the water get to the electrical system! If you bent the fins during this step, simply bend them back into place gently.
  9. Wipe the blades gently with your cloth, trying not to bend the blades while doing this.
  10. Vacuum all surfaces of the air conditioner, paying attention to the grill and underside.

Let water drain in base. Leave for a few hours and then test your air conditioner. If there are any issues or the air conditioner is rattling, realign the unit and make sure all screws are in place.

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