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Being Aware of Mold When Travelling

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When you think of mold, the obvious location where it is usually found comes to mind; basements, attics, bathrooms and windows. While these are all very common places one can find mold, it is important not to overlook some other non-common places. Travelling abroad or even within the country, we tend to have checklists, itineraries, clothing lists, and all the fun stuff. But most of us regret to see that mold can be present on our travels. Knowing where you can possibly come into contact with mold while travelling is very beneficial to both you and your family. If you know the places to look out for, you are less prone to developing an illness as a result of exposure.

Rental Cars:

Travelling often involves rental a vehicle so that you can get from place to place and while car rental agencies in North America are very meticulous with their cleaning procedures, it doesn’t do harm to check the vehicle yourself before signing any papers. Also, if you find yourself in a country where it has been raining or hot, this information is invaluable. Because mold thrives in dark, warm, and damp conditions, mold spots can appear overnight and be invisible below or in the carpets.  If you’ve left the car standing overnight in a damp region, check for any unusual smells as this is usually a giveaway of mold formation.

Hotel Rooms:

Hotel rooms offer the perfect breeding grounds for mold because cleaning staff usually have a checklist of places to clean within the hotel room and checking for mold is typically not on that list. When you arrive in your hotel room, before unpacking, check the obvious places like bathrooms, carpets, walls (behind beds), sinks, cupboards and windows for any signs of mold. If you find anything that alludes to mold growth, you should immediately contact the hotel manager and request a new room. Even if you’re only staying for one night, exposure can still be damaging to your health, especially for young children.

Campers & Trailers

Because campers and trailers spend great time outdoors, they are highly susceptible to mold growth. If you’re travelling in a camper or trailer for a long period of time, it is crucial that you firstly check for signs before renting the vehicle. Also, make sure to keep any organic or cellulose based foods off of surfaces like wood and upholstery because if it remains for more than 24 hours, the dampness it can cause creates a great potential for mold.


Because most of us don’t go camping 365 days of the year in a tent, they spend most of their time in the attic or basement in storage. So before you pack the tent in the car, make sure to check for any signs of mold which may have grown on the fabric while it was being stored. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go out and buy a new tent just yet, you can remove the mold easily with household bleach since it kills the spores and bleaches any food or beverages spills.

Travelling is always a great experience that should be enjoyed with family and friends. Don’t let mold issues get in the way and spoil your trip. Use these tips to look out for mold wherever you may find yourself.

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