• Mold removal in attic

    Canada’s Restoration Services performs mold removal in attics every day. Many homes are sold during this time of year  and therefore inspected, Mold is found and we are called to come and help remove it.. The mold removal process can take  up to 4 days and may include removal of mold, insulation , replacing insulation . Canada’s Restoration Services are Mold experts, the video bellow will just prove how effective our methods are. Mold in attics ...

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  • Montreal floods, water damages and more

    Water damage from Montreal flooding On the 29th  at approximately 5pm the sky opened up in Montreal. Many many water damages started. The importance Of arriving on site fast and starting the drying process is Huge. The idea is to prevent secondary damages and especially Mold growth that will require Mold removal. When arriving on site , evaluation the source of the water damage is crucial, tools such as thermal cameras, Moisture meters help us find out ...

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  • Mold removal Toronto – Winners of Best of HomeStars 2012

    Best Mold Detection and Removal in Toronto We are very proud for being nominated and awarded with the title of Best of HomeStars 2012 for Mold Detection and Removal in Toronto. Of our many competitor companies in the area, we believe that we earned this award through our level of service, integrity and professionalism. With these traits combined with our fair pricing, services such as construction, restoration and demolition make us ...

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  • Dealing with Water Damages in Edmonton

    Flood damages can happen for several of reasons. It can range from malfunctions to human error. However, the most common reasons are plumbing failures, roof damages, foundation cracks, appliances malfunctions and toilet clogging. Some water damage may arise due to the negligence of your neighbours. Such situations are out of your control but still need to be cleaned and treated immediately. Another potential cause for flood damages is due to aging sewer infrastructure. During the spring thaw ...

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  • Canada’s Restoration Services lending a helping hand!

    Coping with the aftermath of hurricane sandy is not easy. Thousands of people in the state of New York and New Jersey are stranded without power, heat, and running water. Restoration services are overloaded with work trying to help as many people as they possibly can. That is why we, Canada’s Restoration Services, are doing our part to help our neighbours. With ...

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  • Fighting Against the Elements and Water Damage

    There are many benefits and drawbacks to Mother Nature. Over the years we’ve learnt to use the elements of water, earth, fire, and air to our advantage. However, from time to time, these elements can affect everyone in a negative way. From flash floods to fires, there are many emergencies that people need help from a professional deal with water damage. Trying to deal with such tragedies can be very stressful, costly and timely. Contacting Canada’s ...

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  • Why Choose a Professional for Mold Removal?

    There are many myths and DIY’s on how to remove and remediate mold. This list contains various methods such as simply painting over it or using household chemicals such as bleach. However, these methods do not completely remove the mold and simply hide the problem. Attempting to solve the problem yourself with bleach will solely change the colour and allow the mold grow deep in the substance. By removing it without proper containment, mold becomes ...

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  • Best Of 2011 Toronto Awards Winner for mold removal

    The company had been awarded first place in service , for Mold removal in Toronto. Best Of 2011 Toronto Awards Winner: Mold Detection & Removal Mold Detection & Removal: Canada’s Restoration Services

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