• Canada’s Restoration Services Helping Calgary with Floods

    The City of Calgary is in a state of emergency with over 20 surrounding cities in a mandatory evacuation due to high rising levels of water.  With water nearly flooding the entire cities, it is vital to evacuate as quickly as possible. For homes and businesses which are further away from the core of the damages need to prepare themselves for possible water leaks, sewage back ups and burst pipes. Canada’s Restoration Services has teams ready ...

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  • Mold Professional vs. Handyman

    Mold Professional vs. Handyman Finding mold in a home can be a scary thought. Understanding what to do first and who to call is the most important part. Handling mold improperly can and will cause more problems in the long run. If mold is not properly removed and the source of the problem is not fixed, it is certain to return. Hiring a mold professional is able to identify the cause of the mold ...

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  • Mold Removal in Basements

    Mold removal in basements needs to be a thorough affair, in which elements that can be toxic to humans are removed. The walls, floors and hidden corners of a basement will usually breed molds due to dampness. When there is a leak in the water supply system or somehow rainwater gets its way into the basement, they begin to grow. There are a number of companies in Toronto which offer mold removal in ...

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  • Mold exposure at work

    An average person spends 40 hours a week at work which adds up to a third of their life in a work environment. Understanding the air quality in your work environment is just as vital as checking the air quality at home.  The possibility of mold growth in an office environment is just as possible as mold growth in a home. Mold needs moisture, oxygen and an organic food source to grow and is capable of ...

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  • Water Damages can lead to Mold

    Water damages can have many secondary damages which homeowners and property owners do not know or see.  The do-it-yourselves type of owner although can save money in the short term by remediating the water damages themselves When a flood occurs, the most important step to remediate the water damage is to dry out all the wet items as quick as possible. Moisture can enter a building through the walls in many ways, including: Water ...

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  • How Harmful is Asbestos?

    How Harmful is Asbestos? Exposure to asbestos fibers can be very harmful to your health.  Common lung cancers such as asbestosis and mesothelioma are a result of asbestos exposure. Asbestosis causes scaring of lunch tissue which also is a restrictive lung disease which can be fatal. Individuals who are exposed to asbestos and smoke greatly increase the risk of lung cancer. Both asbestosis and mesothelioma are diseases that occur over a long period of time. The importance ...

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  • Safe Level of Mold

    What’s a safe level of mold in a home? Questions such as “What’s a safe level of mold in my air” or “When do I know I have a mold problem?” come up numerously. The general public is not naturally experienced nor do their have a vast knowledge about mold in general. Companies such as ours, who are experts in mold removal, tend to have calls from property owners to have a general sense of how ...

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  • Home Inspector vs. Mold Inspector

    Home Inspector vs. Mold Inspector Home inspectors go into many homes during the year right prior to the sale. During this inspection they will normally look out for the standard signs of the condition of the home. This includes some the foundation, cracks, the condition of the roof, condition of the insulation, if there is any asbestos and or mold. However, many home inspectors are not certified in mold inspection nor have a vast knowledge in ...

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  • What to know about Mold Testing

    STAY AWAY FROM A COMPANY THAT PERFORM TESTING AND REMEDIATION, IT MUST BE SEPARATE ENTITIES AND COMPANIES. Like many things mold testing is not black and white. If it’s not done by a legitimate company, results can be inaccurate.  When you have visible mold it is important that mold testing is completed in the adjacent rooms as supposed to the room which mold is visible. This will allow the property owner to know whether the ...

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