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Canada’s Restoration Services Helping Calgary with Floods

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The City of Calgary is in a state of emergency with over 20 surrounding cities in a mandatory evacuation due to high rising levels of water.  With water nearly flooding the entire cities, it is vital to evacuate as quickly as possible. For homes and businesses which are further away from the core of the damages need to prepare themselves for possible water leaks, sewage back ups and burst pipes.

Canada’s Restoration Services has teams ready to go all around Calgary, with supporting teams coming into the region to help out. We are trying our best to accommodate everyone in the regions that have been affected by the floods.

With certified technicians experienced with thousands of jobs already in Calgary, we are here to help property owners. Once the evacuation has been lifted by the government and we are allowed back into the cities, it is vital to extract all the water out as quickly as possible. Once all of the water is out, our teams will ensure that preventive measures are taken to reduce the chances of mold.

Restoration Companies are very busy this time of year due to the emergency state, and nearly everybody needs help extracting water. Contact Canada’s Restoration Services and we will get your home or property back.

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