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Black Mold

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What is Black Mould?

We often hear people refer to mold as “Black Mold“. This may be due to the fact that most moulds we see, most often around the house are in fact black in appearance. Although commonly known as black mould, or toxic black Mold this does not refer to a specific family or spore type of mould. Also mold doesn`t just come in black, Mould can be found in all the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, green, blue, yellow, white or purple Moulds can also be found around the house as well as Black Mold.

Molds are not plants they are part of the Fungi Kingdom you may remember from high school biology or more specifically as Toxigenic Fungi.

Black mold can be found indoors and outdoors and the amount of spores in the air changes depending on the time of the year. The microscopic spores produced by mould are so small (2-100 microns in diameter) they can enter the house every time we open a window or a door. This is not a problem until moisture gets involved. Once mold spores land on wet materials they can begin to digest organic material (examples: wood, drywall, paper, books, clothing, ceiling tiles, carpet, cabinets, counters, upholstered furniture, paintings….) and mould growth begins.

Black toxic mold is often found in buildings that have a history of water intrusion or water and flood damages.

Once Black Mould has been found,

What is the Proper Mold Removal Process?

When you find black mould, call a professional: Canada’s Restoration Services ( 1-888-551-0514) has the experience and Clean Trust & IICRC Training and certifications to help you no matter how big or small the problem is.  Don’t hesitate to call in a professional; the longer you wait the more mold damage is done and the longer you expose yourself to potential health risks. – 1-888-551-0514 help is close by.

Black Mold can be found in attics, basments, cold rooms and other humid, or damp Places.

We serve Toronto and all the GTA and surrounding area’s as well as Montreal/Laval and surrounding area’s.

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